mygom - tech solutions


We enable business ideas to move from mind to market — from concepting and prototyping  to development. Our approach to product design is based on a deep understanding of actual user needs and metrics. Through accurate research and testing, combined with high-level visual design, we’re able to consistently perform the very best digital experiences where clients are getting higher customer engagement and time efficiency improvement.

  • Product design.
    We are constantly employing a design thinking approach to deliver user-centric solutions which put the main focus on humanizing your business software.
  • Usability and UX.
    Our UI/UX design experts put much effort to understand your users, their needs and challenges to create a more satisfying experience and better performance.
  • Iterative design.
    We believe that the best ideas and directions come from constant learning and hard work through an iterative design process. Working collaboratively with our clients we define a set of goals and features that support the overall vision for the product. Focus and collaboration between both of our teams bring speedy and effective results.